I'm Starting A New Series!

I am SO excited to get back into my own creative journal and I want to take you along for this adventure!  
Watch the video to see the first SUPER SIMPLE step of adding color and interest to the pages.

This video was inspired this week’s featured journal that I created to capture my feelings about creative
exploration and I’m using this journal’s proof as my creative journal in this video series.
Get your own copy here.

A creative journal is like an art journal for exploring creativity but is also an intentional tool for self awareness.
I will be using the creative journal as a medium for sharing future dual handed journal activities while
incorporating collage and a whole lot of play.  This series will likely be attractive to avid journalers but my
aim is to walk those through this process who are brand new to artistic exploration or creative journaling by
using simple methods and simple supplies that don’t cost very much and are easy to find. If you are wanting
to follow along with me in this process, Here an Amazon shopping list that you can order from or use it as a
reference an buy from your local craft store.

If you have never bought paint before, here is a handy tool to make things easier. Right-click on the image to
save it to your computer:

Have a Joyful Day!


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