Your Inner Child Is Showing

I’m going to share a lot about the Inner Child. Here's why: It’s something we all have but most don’t like to acknowledge.  It's like our digestive system, which isn't something we give much thought to as long as things are running smoothly. When we ignore its needs, by consuming junk or by not making its nourishment a priority, it gets our attention.  Things get messy. It starts affecting other systems, just like our Inner Child does.

Until I had my child, my Inner Child was not given consistent attention since my twenties. Seeing my little one acting out when he is not getting the attention he needs has been a real eye opener, making me realize that my own Inner Child does the same does yours. When I talk about ‘self care’, it really boils down to giving our Innocence our loving attention. The next time a random thought floats by, that is wanting something out of the norm, grab onto that thought and give it your attention. It could be your Inner Child wanting to take you on an adventure!


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