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Simple Centering Activity (with video)

I am going to share a a SUPER SIMPLE and INCREDIBLY HELPFUL centering activity that only requires something to draw with, something to draw on and a couple of  minutes. Lets get started! This activity is a variation of the Creative Journal Expressive Arts dual handed warm up activity, developed by Dr. Lucia Capacchione, that I use at the beginning of every workshop to help participants get centered. Variants of this activity, called bilateral drawing or bilateral stimulation, have been employed by psychologists and other mental health practitioners since the 1950s as a part of a regimen for encouraging self regulation and managing emotional issues. For this warm up, you will need two writing instruments and some paper or a whiteboard. If you would like to participate, gather your supplies, then watch the video! The first, and simplest way to use this is as a sort of moving mantra, an active meditation, where your focus is entirely on the movement and

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